Now… Quit elfin’ around! What is a CREATIVE CONCIERGE !?! A creative concierge is someone who helps you create more time and space in your life for the things you enjoy. It provides you with the peace of mind that the things you value are being taken care of with care and compassion so that you don’t have to. A creative concierge can make anything happen!
Some of our services include: Energy and spiritual balancing & cleansing, Random Acts of Kindness, Greetings & sentiment mailings and for creating the perfect, calm and peaceful spaces for your home - interior decor for the holidays, and for the holiday tasks that need to be checked off your list (such as baking and gift wrapping), we have hooked up with our friend, Janeen, at The Reductionist !

contact a consultant to get more info, to purchase a package or coordinate services today!


Now, only through the holidays, we have specialty packages available for you as gifts to those you love and for signing them up for services… YOU WILL BENEFIT. You will get your personal package at HALF PRICE.