I create workshops for teachers and communities to understand the benefits of using mindfulness everyday. I work with a program called INNER EXPLORER which offers a community license of audio practices. Acting as a mindful coordinator, I assist schools in developing a more mindful culture in the classrooms and across the school community. Small groups, large groups and one on one skill building sessions are available based on specific needs of school. I have assemblies and additional creative programs that can be brought to schools or organizations. With these programs, youth will develop the skills of awareness, emotional regulation, resilience and compassion, from the inside out. Imagine this world! MORE INFORMATION


I love and understand the benefits of mindfulness. I like to share what I've learned with others. I am happy to bring programs to adults, seniors, families interested in learning more about the benefits! Please CONTACT me for more information.


I work with clients, individuals looking to release and let go of blocks within their energy body or artists looking to explore and expand their creative opportunities. I use Reiki, intuitive coaching and mindfulness for helping you to clear out the old and make space for the new.