MOXIE DADA is my story. It explains who and why I am. 
MOXIE DADA is the courage and strength to overcome great difficulty by viewing things from a new or different perspective. 

I have spent the past 40+ years discovering - Who am I? Why am I? What is my life's purpose?
moxie DaDA is the merging of all of my life’s experience, passions and how I am able to share them.
ART / interior styling / HEALING
I have learned that there are many ways to go through a doorway. I couldn’t choose one path. I couldn’t pick one profession. I have never traveled in a straight or direct line. I have taken opportunities which interest me and fill me. I've learned that fear holds you back from opportunity.
I have learned that meeting each choice with integrity and curiosity paves the way for growth and expansion. I have learned that a life
of creative living is unique to the individual and that it is absolutely the key to finding that JOY and BALANCE we, as creative beings, SEEK.
Creative living is moving one step at a time, through doorways that lead us to unknown outcomes. Maybe we stop for a moment, or many, to explore
the depths of something, but we continue to make choices, turning toward our fear and moving through it to meet what is on the other side -
because THERE is where we develop a moxie state of MIND..

Clients who work with me privately will spend approximately an hour and a half of intuitive exploration of body, mind and spirit.
Relieve stress & anxiety
Become aware / hear more clearly the sound of their inner voice
Begin to Trust in Yourself & the process of Healing
Explore & understand the tools of MINDFULNESS
Set up and follow a plan for Self Care
Remove Energy Blocks, Clear your energy body
Every session ends with relaxation and REIKI.

Thank you for taking time to visit - Please contact me with inquiries about how to begin your CREATIVE DISCOVERY PROCESS. 



Trained and certified Reiki Master in the Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing, Christine offers this alternative energy healing as a package combined with other services or as standalone healing. 

Originally, Christine, received this training as a way to improve her own spirituality and to offer the healing to family. After practicing over the past four years, Christine has developed a strong desire to offer healing on a larger scale. In her personal practice, she sends healing for peace and greater global compassion.

Reiki Master Teacher, RMT



Children's Relaxation Teacher
8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
6 weeks Play Training, City of Play

All services are available as a result of the work Christine has done for her own personal healing and self discovery. She comes to this work with a full understanding of stress and anxiety induced by trauma and by inheriting nervous tendencies through family history. Christine has witnessed the power of setting intentions, improving self care and developing a curious mind toward self discovery. 

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, MBSR

Children's Relaxation Teacher, CRT

As I have become stronger in my own understanding and practice of mindfulness, I am very happy to be able to share what I've found works for me and how others can incorporate it into their lives.


art & design

Associate + Degree in Visual Communications 


  • Art Consulting

    • exhibition design / coordinating

    • acquisition

    • commissions

    • artist management

  • Publication Design
    brochures / newsletters / flyers / posters / photo books / portfolio design & editing

Christine studied publication and visual communications at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh beginning in 1994. She worked in the design field at the Pittsburgh Tribune Review beginning as a  PHOTO & PRODUCTION editor, and later advanced to NEWS ARTIST. After leaving the Tribune-REview in 2004, Christine opened and operated an independent art gallery and production house. She has managed and produced hundreds of exhibitions - juried, curated and pop up. Since closing the gallery in 2009, Christine has continued and supported her love for art through art consulting services and freelance design. She has a passion for developing creative spaces and helping clients to find their own creative personality